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Archive for Month: December 2016


Classical Societies Essay

The first piece of art that I chose for this paper is the still standing Roman Coliseum. This magnificent piece of art has withstood many different storms, political and otherwise, and is still standing to this day. The Romans thought that a circular area like this would be able to […]


Guillermo Furniture Flex Budget

Guillermo Furniture Store Analysis Guillermo Furniture Store Analysis Many risks are involved when forecasting and preparing an organizational budget. Guillermo Navallez, proprietor of The Guillermo Furniture Store, is aware that to compete with the new and larger furniture retailers, he will have to make some changes to the way he […]



Classicism Despite the harsh circumstances in the film Life is Beautiful, Director Roberto Begnini manages to convey a bittersweet love story. In order to comprehend the meaning of this film, it can be helpful to look at the film through the lens of classicism. This film reflects three concepts of […]


Guillermo Furniture Decision Fin 571

Guillermo Furniture Decision March 14th, 2011 Abstract Guillermo is forced to make decisions on whether to continue business as usual or change his business model. He considers opportunity cost, sunk costs, depreciation, and mergers. Guillermo does not want to make his life more complex and this is the biggest hurdle […]