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Groups and Teams Paper Part 2

Groups and Teams Paper

What is a group What is a team A group is persons or objects put together. It??™s a set of things that have regular contact. You can find groups for plenty of activities. For example, there are badminton groups, AA groups, senior citizen groups, ect. A team is similar but it??™s a group on the same side, as in a game. It is a group organized to work together as a team. For example, the group that we formed at school is the team that I am in; we do our team paper assignments together. We work as a team to get our work done and turned in on time. Groups and teams are similar. What is diversity Diversity is defined as understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating the differences among people. Age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, deal with diversity. Team dynamics relates to diversity in the workplace in a few ways. (Ferrer-chancy,2009).
The differences of a group and a team are similar, but they do signify different from each other. A team is more organized and work together to achieve assignments, missions, ect. A team has specific goals that they want to accomplish. They have to work together and communicate well. Communication is important in a team, because without communication the team will not be successful. A team usually has specific roles for each team member of the team. For example, whenever we have a team paper that??™s due we have to communicate well in order to fulfill the task and the deadline of the paper. Each team member gets a section of the paper to work on, and they are required to turn in their part to the team leader. At the end the team leader will gather every team members paper through email, than he or she will put it together. All this work requires communication thru texting, calling, or even meeting up with the group to get assignments accomplished. It takes time and effort to have a successful team. A group on the other hand is more of a collection of people with something in common. It can be such as being in the same place or having a shared interest. For example, a group of people waiting in line for the same purpose so they can all vote. (Ferrer-chancy,2009).
Organizations need to be open to change and need diversity to become more imaginative. It is important to recognize the ways in which workplace is changing, developing, and diversifying. It??™s important to value multicultural differences in the workplace so that everyone??™s treated with dignity. Diversity in a company will benefit them in as many ways. It will give a company greater productivity and competitive advantage. Stephen G. Butler, co-chair of the Business-Higher Education Forum, believes that diversity is an invaluable competitive asset that America cannot afford to ignore.Managing and valuing diversity is a key component of effective people management, which can improve workplace productivity.


Working together in teams in the workplace is very important. They need to communicate well to be productive and profitable to the company. When teams are not structured right and are not communicating well their overall team success rate is low. The company can lose out on money and things can go wrong. Diversity has to do a lot with how the teammates work at the workplace. They need to be ready with changes, and be comfortable with different cultures. (Guzzo, E. Salas, 1995)
In conclusion, a diverse workforce is always changing the world around and also the marketplace. That??™s why it??™s important for diversity at your workplace to be taught and not be ignored. The teams or employees that are well taught about diversity will bring value to company??™s. Workplaces should teach everybody about diversity to educate everyone about its issues and laws. Workplaces have a lot of different kinds of diversity issues evolving around them, so organizations need to learn how to adapt to be successful. (Ferrer-chancy,2009).
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