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Growing Up as a Child

When I was growing up as a child, my father instilled a lot of values in me. One of these values was on how to make my dreams come to reality. Indeed, I learned that setting goals was one of the key factors towards realizing my dreams. Practically, this value has proven true in my past endeavours. For instance, whenever I went for my high school holidays, I always set goals to utilize my time in activities like physical exercises, visiting my relatives, and participating in sports. These activities incredibly improved the productivity of my holidays. Having benefited from this practice, I am motivated to apply the act of setting goals in my career pursuit. My major goal is to become a nurse. This is important to me because of the following reasons: I would like to utilize my resources well; I have a lot of opportunities awaiting; I will perform more efficiently in my career.
First, I would like to utilize my resources well. Each day I spend part of my time working in order to pay for my school fees and tuition. I work eight hours each day after classes, and at times get few hours for my sleep. The government also plays part in contributing to these needs through pell grants. This is a big sacrifice from the government, and also my efforts to pay my school fees, and therefore count itan investment in which it is worth putting more efforts in order to achieve good results. I spend a lot of money every semester in payment of my school fees and tuition. In addition, I do purchase the books that are required in all my classes, and most of them are very expensive. Furthermore, I usually spend most of the time in my studies by attending classes everyday. And even when I do not have any assignments to be done after wards, I spare some time to revise what I have learned and also read ahead of my tutors. Moreover, I fore-go doing other activities in order to invest in my studies. I enjoy watching T.V. shows, playing my favorite games, and visiting my friends. But I no longer have time for these activities because I have put my studies as the first priority.

Second, I will have a lot of opportunities when I become a nurse. I endeavor to pursue a masters degree in medicine later in the future. Certainly, I understand the fact that there is a lot of competition for those applying to the medical schools all over the U.S. But since nursing career is a prerequisite for medical studies, I will stand a better chance of being recruited into the medical school when I will apply for it. Besides furthering my studies, I will get the opportunity to serve mankind and make a difference in many lives. Being a nurse will enable me to reach out to humanity at a closer level. And after delivering good services to my clients, they will gain total confidence in me, resulting in mutual relationship among us. Again, I will get a chance to travel to different places due to the demand of nurses all over the country. Traveling is my hobby, and so I would like to seek for opportunities that will allow me to work in a place far from where I live. This will enable me to make new friends and also learn different cultural practices.

Finally, and probably most important, I will perform more efficiently in my career as a nurse. After graduating from school, I will have an expertise in relating to my patients, taking their history, and making diagnosis of various clinical ailments. I will also prescribe medications and do a proper follow-up of my clients. Moreover, I will gain credibility in my career field which will earn me the benefit of promotions in any of the institutions I will be employed. And in case I will need to practice my skills on private basis, my good work will attract many clients into my clinic, and this will raise my income through their consultation with me.

As you can see, I have an obligation to become a nurse . I have promised myself to strive for it no matter what it takes. Of course I will incur a lot of resources in my studies; after all, success in everything demands a lot of input. Nevertheless, better opportunities lie ahead of me. I cant wait to finish my studies and be able to deliver the best services to my clients. My deep desire is to perform more efficiently in all areas of my service to them, so as to satisfy their needs.