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Growing Staff Presentation


Growing Staff Presentation

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Growing Staff Presentation
Need for human resources management services
Human resources management services involve the management of the work force of the organization and the personnel. This is the department that is charged with the responsibility of attracting, selecting, training and rewarding of workers. It also oversees the leadership and culture of the organization through ensuring of compliance with relevant laws of employment and labor.
Human resources management is considered to be a product of human relations movement that was initiated by Frederick Taylor who coined the theory of scientific management. Human resource services are necessary in an organization because they are used to retain employees and enable the company to obtain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Human resources services give an organization a unique capability that serves to differentiate the organization from its competitors. Human resources management services are responsible for the maintenance of an organizational culture, productivity, enhancing the quality of the products or service through utilizing of the organization??™s human resources strategies. Human resources management services is necessary in the definition of strategic and comprehensive management and operation plans as well as establishing the practices, policies and setting the administrative structures that focus on the valuable resources of the organization and that is the people. Good human resources management services can effectively and efficiently play the role of ensuring that the employees are motivated and satisfied to deliver the services and improve their performance (The Manager, 1999).
Need for training and development of the employees
Training is necessary in the expansion of the capacity of an individual in order to perform his duties better. Training has the effect of enhancing individual and organizational performance as well as to aid an organization in the realization of performance goals and objectives. The training and the development plan of the employees should feature the goals of the project, prerequisites of the workers, milestones of the project, the training structure and the associated risks. A comprehensive planning should promote clear communication and establish a schedule.
The quality of the training and the education factors are two important matters in determining the profitability of a company. There is a need to invest in the development of employee skills in order to increase their productivity. Training is meant for both old and new employees. Training and development is necessary in order to create room for replacement of personnel that may leave or retire from the company, it also enhances the ability of the company and makes the employees motivated. Employee training and development is necessary because of the functions that it serves: increase productivity, decreases the need for supervision, increase efficiency and reduction of the employee turnover (Zero Million, n.d.).
Outline of employee training or development plan
Training opportunities should be made available to the employees in order to meet the needs of the organization and employees while building their work force of skilled and efficient employees. The training of employees and subject matter of training should be related to the mission and the performance goals of the organization. The selection of the employees to be trained should not be influenced by political preference, religion or other factors. Raining may be necessary for the retention and the recruitment of the employees in the fields that require critical skills.
The development plan is an appropriate measure that can be used to systematically identify and record the relevant training and development activities of the individual to enhance his/her performance and match the projected future assignments. The following are necessary in the analysis of the development plan of the employees: the development of the workers??™ development needs, costs to meet the training needs and the activities to be achieved in meeting the needs. The development needs are necessary and it is considered critical in analyzing of the development of employees with respect to an organization and organizational effectiveness.
The outline for the training and development of workers are: analyzing the associated tasks and wiring down the learning objectives while identifying the success factors. The second set is the design where the associated tasks can produce a design document and other plans like the seminars and workshops. There is also the development section that contains the tasks of implementation, revising material and drafting the training content. The implementation section contains the tasks and the training plans that are involved like the selection of the workers and identification of the venues. The evaluation section contains the tasks involved in the process of monitoring and receiving the feedback (Duggan, 2012).
A company should have a defined structure for training which should follow the following steps: organization objectives, needs assessment, identification of an existence of a gap, training objectives, selection of the trainees and choosing method of evaluation, who can administer the training and who will evaluate the training.
Benefits for using performance improvement plan worksheet over other forms
Performance improvement plan should be used when the performance problem has been identified and when there is a need to improve the performance. Performance improvement plan is necessary in the correction of performance discrepancies. It monitors and measures work processes, products and behaviors of particular employees when it is in deficit. Performance improvement plan is necessary in improving and modifying behavior.
Explain how a performance improvement plan should be used
When using a performance improvement plan, the following fundamental items should be identified: defining the problem, defining the duties or the behaviors that require improvement, establish priorities, set the standards, create an action plan, and define periodic review, measure the actual performance and compare with standards required to determine the expectations, establish a performance improvement plan file for every employee and place it in writing (University Human Resources Services, 2002).
Determine the impact of the proposed services on the organization and goals
Performance management plan of an organization is the foundation of their vision especially in the ever changing global environment. Performance management services gauges and lets the employees to understand whether or not they are realizing organizational goals in the area of services delivery. Performance management is limited to the human resources department. It streamlines the performance of the organization with the human capital and business activities (Knol, 2012).
Explain how it might affect the equal employment opportunity for the company
Organizations practicing human resources management should have limits that require them to prevent discrimination during the hiring and employment of workers. Equal opportunity employment is one of the efforts that are intended to regulate human resources management where all people will be subjected to equal chances of employment opportunities. Organizations should recruit based on the talents, skills and competencies. This is the legal duty of human resources management services and it will aid the department in achieving higher level or productivity (Encyclopedia of Business, 2000).
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