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Growing Up with Ketchup

Clarissa Henebury November 2, 2010
Period 1
AP Lang. & Comp.
Growing Up With Ketchup

When I was six was the time I really remember being introduced to ketchup. Im sure I was exposed to it much earlier but Ill start at I time when I truly fell in love.
When your young, you dont care if your grandmothers meals are gourmet, As long as it tastes good your happy, right Her secret ingredient, no, was not love. It was Ketchup.
You??™ve got your ???normal??? food and ketchup combos, Cheeseburgers, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, etc. Oh, ketchup went on it all. However, things began getting a little crazy.
I became addicted. We had Pizza Ketchup. Raviolis Ketchup. Cheese sandwiches(a childhood favorite of mine) Ketchup! Almost anything, that was anything, was doused with ketchup.
I never was much of a meat eater back then. When steak night came around, I remember Id drown it too in ketchup and suck it all off leaving the chewed piece of meat on the inside of my cheek. Then later sneakily spitting it out in the trash when no one was looking.
Ive carried this love of ketchup with me for many years. When I was 12, I moved to Florida to live with my aunt and uncle. They had apparently not heard of my obsession, because when it came dinner time one evening, we were having spaghetti and meatballs.
???I hate spaghetti sauce.???
The pasta was served and as I sat, I watched everyone happily ladling the thick, chunky,red sauce all over their now destroyed bowls of pasta. My eyes scanned the table and sadly found not what I was looking for. Quickly, I ran to the fridge to find my true love. I searched the over crowded fridge over and over finding nothing. ???It should be on the door???, but none was found. Finally pushing aside a milk carton and a giant jar of pickles I found what I was so feverishly looking for. Sitting back down,know one had really noticed what I had gotten up for, that is until they heard the disappointing ???fart??? noise of the almost empty ketchup bottle.
I got a series of looks from around the table. First shock, then laughter, then disgust. Giggles from all three of my younger cousins.
My aunt seemed to have the most distaste for my choice in toppings for she was the first to criticize and express that ketchup on spaghetti was ???sacrilegious???. I of course objected. I tried to reason, ???Ketchup is the same as sauce, just cold???. I thought my argument was worthy.Apparently
not ,because everyone else chimed in with their opinions. No matter to me though, as they were all busy ranting, I was busy enjoying my delicious and satisfying meal of spaghetti and ketchup.